A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

you are a security sentry. your job is to put the insubordinate factory down.

kill the boss bot. Other enemies drop punch cards that will give you a 1 time use program:

  • health: restores 10 hp (you have 20hp max)
  • fireball: oneshot kill bots (deals 10 damage)
  • emp: freeze aoe to get distance/kill small bots
  • you *should be able to press escape to close the game

note the cards are ordered in the manner in which they are received. You can press “F” to flip to the next card. There is a read out that will indicate the # of each card you are holding

The game is an action RPG with Card Game elements. Instead of having set skills you must rely on card drops that are one time use and arranged in the order that you loot them like a deck of cards in a deck building board game or a TCG.

I created all the assets (code, sprites, sfx) with the exception of the audio track. For this jam I worked alone and wrote all the Unity scripts from scratch. (C#.net)

WASD - move Left Mouse - Primary attack (weak) Right Mouse - use spell (strong) F - [F]lip card note each spell will be consumed on use

Thanks for playing/rating!!!

Post a comment/feedback and I will add it to the trello board for post jam items!

you can vote here: https://trello.com/b/50HxARaq/magic-and-machines

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Magic-Machines-LD-41-win.zip 28 MB
Magic-Machines-LD-41-mac.zip 31 MB
Magic-Machines-LD-41-lin 2.zip 31 MB
Magic and Machines Linux 64.zip 32 MB

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Had a Blast playing this!! Looking forward to the rest.

seems complex but it is promising

Glad you think so! I am reworking the UI and making a "real" first level as this was originally for LD41


Pretty cool and fun! Good job! I made it to the win screen after 5 or so failures. 

Thanks, Updates are coming soon!