I made this in 3 hours and also learned Bitsy at the same time. Enjoy!

Adventure forth in a world full of friends. Learn about the lives of cats, slimes, and skellies in a vast land full of interesting biomes. Discover the secrets of cookie keys and meet an ambitious cloak crafter. Some things are not as scary as they  seem.


  • Friends
  • Animated water
  • sandwich
  • towel
  • cat

If you want a map I made one here, but try to enjoy the game first without it. You probably will not need the map.


The ending is kinda jank but I had no idea what I was doing with Bitsy for the first time. It was a fun experience!


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I'll save this sandwich for later 

Mud was just the friends we made along the way.

Oh awesome thanks for playing I learned bitsy on the fly during the 3 hours.

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