A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to Dancing Dungeon!


HOLD the arrow keys to move to the beat of the song!

(Audio Required)

Eat Skeletons for 1 point from any direction!

Avoid being attacked from the sides by rats. You can eat rats from the top or bottom and get 1 point. 

There is a score display on the top right or left depending on which side of the game board you are on. Under the score there is a display of lives (you have 4 lives).

known issues

If your restart from within the game using the R key your next score will not display. Thanks SpaceFace for telling me I will fix this in a future build on 8/19/2019

sometimes rats and skeletons stack. Don't worry you will still get all the points you should get!

Weird movement when skeletons spawn in
Yup, the skeletons initial coordinates are broken. I was working on more critical bugs. Sorry!

No way to exit the game except alt+f4 / force close (mac/*nix)
Sorry! i had more important things to worry about! I usually always put in a line of code to let you close the game. I was working on this one to the last second. I am very sorry for the inconvenience this causes you.


Dev Details:

Made with Unity,  Aseprite,  and Ableton

I created all assets for this game myself.

Things learned:

  • I learned how to force unity to make a game 64x64
  • I installed and made the beat with Ableton
  • I purchased Koreographer for unity and learned how to make music based events and have game objects subscribe to them
  • I learned a lot about lerping and easing mathematics (trig stuff)


  • Time management 
  • bugs
  • stacking issues
  • AI code


DancingDungeon.zip 18 MB
DancingDungeonMac.app.zip 20 MB
DancingDungeonLinux.zip 11 MB

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